Our Brands

Sakura American Wagyu

In 2014, at a cattle meeting in Ohio on Wagyu Beef, the idea of putting together a company producing and marketing regional Wagyu Angus cross beef was born. Some of the most experienced individuals in genetics, cow-calf production process and technique, nutrition and feeding for the best marbling, and marketing and distribution came together to recognize the opportunity in front of them. There are a number of reasons that make this region perfect to take advantage of the budding Wagyu beef demand. Excellent cow herds to breed with the best Full Blood Wagyu Genetics in the United States. World-class research on beef quality and the influence of Wagyu. Family farmers with animal husbandry skills who have a passion for producing quality beef. Consumers who appreciate having the best U.S. beef produced locally. Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Wagyu Farms. It respects the deep history and origin of the Wagyu breed from Japan.

Berkwood Farms Berkshire Pork

Berkwood Farms is a coalition of over 60 independent family farmers. We have strived to reach excellence, by never sacrificing quality. Through this philosophy we have come to be one of the largest American suppliers of 100% certified pure heirloom Berkshire pork, and the only farmer-owned company with national distribution. The heart and soul of Berkwood Farms is our farmers. Many of our farmers are the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and in some cases the 5th generation of their family to be engaged in animal husbandry. All of our farmers have committed themselves to a strict code of responsible and humane animal husbandry. They each take pride in the product they produce, and work hard to ensure their animals are raised in a healthy, humane, and environmentally friendly manner.

O’Connor Beef

For three generations the O'Connor family has been sourcing the finest quality beef from Gippsland, grazing on what is undeniably Australia's most prized environment for producing premium beef. Entirely free range cattle, they are raised on a natural diet of Gippsland's pure pastures, without any artificial growth hormones and tested free of antibiotcs. They are the best Angus and Hereford cattle breeds, flourishing in the crisp fresh air, pristine water and nutrient rich pastures. Many of our premium cuts are dry aged on the bone for a minimum of 4 weeks. This traditional butchers practice further enhances the tenderness and brings out the full flavour of this very special beef.

Lewis Estate Olive Fed Wagyu

Since the 1950’s studies have been produced all over the world to research the affects of feeding Olive Waste to various types of animals, with the result always showing low digestibility, and threats of various illnesses to animals because of high tannin content. It is important not to attempt to feed Olive Waste to animals, not only because it is not metabolizable in its waste state, but it can potentially cause serious harm to animals consuming it.

Icon Wagyu

Our sales team and livestock buyers have carefully created a specialised selection program resulting in a high quality product. We work in close partnerships with high performing farmers and utilise only the best Full Blood Wagyu genetics to achieve consistently superior F1 carcass weights, marbling and meat quality. Raised in a 100% natural environment, our cattle are sustainably grown out by family’s of passionate and dedicated cattlemen and women before entering specialised feedlots renowned for long feeding programs. The result is ICON Wagyu.


Founded in 1989, Agro-Top Produits is a company specialized in trading of products issued from fat palmiped such as: foie gras, breast, ducks and geese thighs, etc. Thanks to its diversification, Agro-Top Produits is probably the only company able to ensure a complete management of the production as well as the transformation process. Its subsidaries companies Palmi-top KFT and Palmi-Trade KFT both own livestock farms and two slaughterhouses in Hungary. Therefore, Agro-top is able to control the whole process of the hatchery, the breeding period and the force-feeding. The Company’s Infrastructures enable it to reach a production of more than 20.000 ducks and 10.000 geese per week.

St. James Smoked Salmon

In 2003, during a time when smoked salmon only ever tasted of 'salty fish’, ambitiously we set out to reinstate the way smoked salmon really should taste. Unafraid to push boundaries and take risks, we created a product with a rich smokiness and a sea-salty sweetness that would waken the taste-buds and leave them begging for more. Our fearless passion for true authenticity and commitment to continuous improvement lead us to proudly produce the world’s most awarded smoked salmon.

Mount Cook Alpine King Salmon

Deep in the Southern Alps of New Zealand lies Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park. From its craggy alpine ridges flows the purest fresh water on the planet. Ice cold. Constantly flowing. Perfectly chilled for a much prized southern delicacy. We let Nature take the lead. This means minimal human intervention and low stocking densities - giving our salmon space to grow and thrive. Fast flows, highly oxygenated water and the distinctive touch of the seasons; all key ingredients in creating Nature’s Finest Tasting Salmon.

SeaFresh International

We are a well-established processor and exporter of FROZEN SHRIMP products from Thailand, who promote and implement stringent product quality demand within the ever-changing global food industry. Our facility in Southern Thailand is surrounded by raw material sources of cultivated shrimp farms along the coast of the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand.

Durham Ranch Bison

Durham Ranch is rated one of the best ranches in the United States for the quality of its products and high standards in raising bison. The ranch comprises 55,000 acres of land where the original bison were sourced directly from Yellowstone National Park, making this herd and land very unique and special. There is documented evidence of the history of this land when it was first occupied by Native Americans as shown by significant existing prehistoric structural sites at the ranch. Remnants of the homesteader era remain as well when folks like the Wrights, Greggs, Cooks, Fortners, Sagers and Chittendons, as well as others settled here.

Benton – Ham

Benton’s Smoky Mountain Country Hams are slow cured using salt, brown sugar, curing salt, and pepper and are typically aged 8-10 months, though hams are available 1 year and older. This time-honored practice dates back to the era of our forefathers, when the preparation and preservation of meat was a way of life and sustenance. Although the hands of time and technology have sculpted many aspects of our modern world, at Benton’s Smoky Mountain Country Hams we have upheld the traditional dry-curing process and are striving to produce world class country hams and bacon.

Hill’ Meat – Bacon

Hill Meat Company is located in the rolling hills of Pendleton, Oregon, where the Gorge meets the Blue Mountains. For over 60 years as a pork processor, Hill Meat has produced smoked meats with pride. You can find our products in grocery stores and restaurants from Anchorage to San Diego, Salt Lake City to Seattle, Japan, and Korea. Since 1947, Hill’s has been providing their customers with the finest quality pork products. As a family owned and operated company, our commitment to providing delicious, filler free products is so important to us because we want our customers to have nothing but the best when it comes to their food. From our family to yours, enjoy Hill’s Meat.

First Love Patisserie

Our signature cake is a result of years of a hard work towards the perfection of an old Japanese Hokkaido recipe using natural vanilla beans. Each cake is 100% handmade with a personal touch, positive energy and pinch of Love. Fresh and natural, our cakes contain no preservatives, that’s why they must be stored up to 3-5 days in refrigerated conditions. For optimal quality taste, please refer to the Cake-Care pamphlet included with your order.


Flocchini Meats are produced using the highest-quality ingredients that give consumers the better option. We continuously strive to improve our manufacturing and packaging processes to consistently produce high-quality, wholesome meats. We are an SQF Level 2 Certified facility and also a Certified Organic processing facility.

Dietz & Watson

Dietz & Watson quality is above all else and integrity is key. We're rooted in a delicious heritage of secret family recipes that have been perfected over generations. While the other guys are cutting corners to save a dime, we’re handcrafting spices, slow-roasting our meat to perfection and investing in responsible manufacturing practices. It’s a lot of work, but totally worth it to deliver premium meats and artisan cheeses to you and your family.

Merri Valley Lamb

Merri Valley Lamb is the quintessential quality Australian lamb product. Hand selected directly from farms that enjoy the benefits of the productive pastures of this premier lamb growing region of Australia. Our dedicated farming community understands that what makes Merri Valley Lamb so special is growing them on fresh green grass and finishing them on grain. This feeding method has been refined from years of farming and working together to deliver superior lamb to the world. Only the finest lambs are then selected for traditional halal slaughter before being processed and packaged within the company as part of our fully integrated procedures. Our highly trained Midfield team have years of industry experience, choosing only the best quality animals and maintaining the highest standards in halal processing and quality assurance systems.

Mary’s Organic Chicken

Mary's Free-Range Organic Air Chilled Chickens are an additional step up the ladder in humane farming practices; with freedom to move about and a premium diet void of any chemical stimulators. Certified Organic feeds must be Certified by the USDA and everything that goes in them must be certified as well. Mary's Organic Chicken feed does not contain any of the following. NO Animal By Products, NO Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) NO Antibiotics Ever, NO Pesticide Treated Grains, NO Grains Grown with Chemical Fertilizers.

Red Top Farms

We raise our Berkshire like our Wagyu beef... as a delicacy. We love the Berkshire breed, but there are some undesirable characteristics. So we chose to breed our Berkshire with a set genetic mix of other heritage breeds so we can offer enhanced cuts from nose to tail with better overall flavor, consistency, tenderness, marbling, size, muscle structure, and color Berkshire is already known for.

Gooralie Free Range Pork

Gooralie Free-Range Pork is Free-Range in accordance with Australian Pork Limited’s (APL) APIQ Free Range Certification and RSPCA Guidelines. We produce and deliver pork to the consumer which is supreme in taste and tenderness. This is achieved through keeping our pigs in a stress free environment allowing them to be “As happy as....” That is why the quality and taste of our pork is superior. We endeavour to grow our own grain. Our pigs are fed a natural, nutritiously balanced diet free of chemical residue, antibiotics and hormone growth promotants.

Six Point Berkshire

Our pork products are made with 100% Berkshire Pork, raised on family farms in the Midwest.. They are never given antibiotics, no growth promotants or hormones, and always vegetarian-fed.


MILK FED PIGLET, The result of a cross-breeding between Yorkshire, Landrace and Duroc hogs, our suckling pig is naturally milk-fed during the three first weeks of its life, then fed in nursery using specialised milk distribution equipment for the following seven to ten weeks. At every step of the production chain, the animal’s welfare is paramount in order to eliminate any form of stress. Our farm is also Assurance qualité canadienne (AQCMD) certified, a program elaborated by the Canadian Pork Council, which guarantees food hygiene and safety, as well as mindful production methods for the animals.


DemKota provide to the customers, locally and around the world, with elite products by sourcing our cattle from our neighbors: ranchers and feeders located in the heartland. We strive for quality in every cut of beef, through sustainable farming, cattle feeding and harvesting practices focusing on animal welfare.

Creekstone Farms

At Creekstone Farms, we define quality as excellence or superiority. We strive for that level of quality in everything we do. The Creekstone Farms program is unique to the industry because it combines superior Black Angus & Duroc genetics, exceptional cattle and hog management practices, carefully controlled high-quality feeding and state-of-the-art processing. Everything we do, from focusing on genetics to closely monitoring processing and production, is all in the name of quality. These standards for quality allow us to produce consistently outstanding products that proudly bear our name.

44 Farms

44 Farms not only produces the finest steaks, but is also recognized as one of the premier Black Angus producers in the country. It is a working ranch, not a factory. The ranchers here know and evaluate every animal they raise - and they know the land and its capabilities. 44 Farms manages for sustainability. By emphasizing livestock health and responsible pasture management, we are able to improve both: cattle help maintain the pasture's natural balance; in turn, the diverse grasses combine to provide optimum nutrition for the grazing cattle.

MacDonald Meat Co.

MacDonald Meat Company is committed to quality. We are a USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) FSIS (Food Safety Inspection Service) inspected facility, Establishment Number 1557. As such, we are regulated by CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) Title 9 (Animal and Animal Products). As a USDA Inspected facility we have inspectors here in our plant daily, monitoring our receiving, production, storage and shipping activities.

Crystal Lake Egg

FOOD SAFETY We have continuous oversight by our resident USDA/FSIS inspector. Meticulous testing of all egg products and processing equipment takes place in our own lab, with select tests validated by a third party prior to your product shipment. ENVIRONMENT Crystal Lake operates a state-of-the-art waste water lagoon system. A three-stage filtering system featuring a man-made wet land, provides pristine water for local farm ground irrigation saving on natural water usage.

Floridia Cheese –Australia

Floridia Cheese utilises the most up to date technology available without comprising the tradition or quality of its cheese. We only use the freshest raw ingredients with no colour, preservatives or chemicals added. Furthermore, Floridia sources only the highest quality ingredients, and maintains a loyal relationship with all suppliers to ensure consistency in raw materials is supplied and maintained.

Viya Crab Meat –Thailand

Since our establishment in 2005, Viya Crab Products run the seafood business as both manufaturer and distributor with our quality system such as GMP , HACCP , ISO 9001:2008 , BRC and others global food standard. With more than 15 years of experience, we proud over produce the freshst Blue Swimming Crabs from the gulf of Thailand, which are caught and steamed live daily for the best texture and flavour, packed and pasteurized to retain its natural flavour.

Northern Wind Scallop – Captain’s Call

Northern Wind is a direct off-loader, processor, and distributor of fresh and frozen scallops, along with additional seafood offerings. Since the very beginning, the Northern Wind Team has always dedicated themselves to consistently supplying customers with high quality products at superior service levels and competitive price

Dianne’s Fine Dessert

A leading provider of premium frozen thaw-and-serve desserts to the foodservice and in-store retail industries, Dianne's Fine Desserts® has been serving up inspiring, mouth-watering and memorable desserts for over 40 years. The Company's product line includes cheesecakes, layer cakes, pies and tarts, brownies/bars and individual minis and specialty desserts.

John & Jill Cheese cake

John & Jill’s, Inc. is a California corporation established in 1994. John & Jill’s produces premium cheesecakes made from the freshest ingredients available. John & Jill’s cheesecakes are made in several flavors (over 40) and sizes (8). The management team at John & Jill’s consists of John Harris and Jill Nicol.

Rosen Colorado Lamb

Mountain States is the only veal and lamb company in the US to achieve the highest food safety certification level —SQF Level 3 in both our New York and Colorado facilities. We are committed to producing a clean, complete protein that is wholesome and nutritious and raised the way nature intended.

Shelton Chicken

Shelton's Poultry, Inc. has been a family owned and operated business since 1924. Our goal is to provide the finest poultry and poultry products that are truly All Natural, without the use of Antibiotics, Artificial Growth Stimulants, Chemical ingredients and additives, or cheap fillers

Smart Chicken

The National Organic Program incorporates many of the standards we were already following, such as the elimination of the use of animal by-product feeds, antibiotics, and hormones, but also adds additional stipulations, including the requirement that all feed grains also be certified organic, meaning that the grains are non-GMO and raised without pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers. Certified organic chickens must also meet strict standards for raising and handling, including access to outside pastures.

Ranger Valley Wagyu

With consistent marbling scores and brands offering MB2+ to MB9+, our beef is renowned for it's exceptional quality, incredible flavour and succulent, juicy tenderness. This MB3+ Black Angus beef is raised in the cool climate of the New England Tablelands and comes from the global leaders at Rangers Valley.

Iowa Premium Beef

Our newly renovated 200,000-square foot state-of-the-art facility meets the highest standards for food safety, quality assurance and sustainability. Technologies have been incorporated to protect our natural resources and minimize our environmental impact. Iowa Premium exclusively specializes in premium family-farm raised corn-fed black Angus beef. Located in the heart of the Midwest, Iowa has been devoted to raising and growing food for generations.

Compart Family Duroc Pork

Compart Family Farms™ has a strong commitment to testing and performance documentation. The Compart family has invested into research facilities where over 100,000 pigs were tested the past 15 years. These research tests were designed to figure out the very best feed natural ingredients to feed the animals to maximize the genetic potential they have been bred for.

Premier Proteins Berkshire Pork

Our Premium Kobe/Wagyu and Grass Fed Beef products are 100% no added hormones or antibiotics. Our beef is an All Natural Beef (minimally processed, no artificial ingredients added). Our program's cattle are from a single rancher, are source and age verified (all cattle are under 30 months of age). The special program delivers cattle free of grains, starches, antibiotics, hormones and steroids for some of the most natural meat you will ever taste.

Greater Omaha

For the Food Safety, Greater Omaha is dedicated to producing the safest and most wholesome beef product available in the industry today. Their employ a multi-hurdle concept with twelve separate processes, each of which is a validated pathogen intervention procedure. These steps include: controlled atmosphere, steam vacuums, hot water and acid rinse cabinets, and steam pasteurization cabinets. Anti-microbial testing is performed by a world-renowned AOAC approved and accredited third-party laboratory.

USA Imperial Wagyu Beef

Imperial Wagyu Beef is recognized as the best all natural American Wagyu beef by chefs and connoisseurs across the country. Calves are raised naturally with proper nutrition and receive recommended vaccinations prior to being transferred to the feed yard. No growth promotants, hormones, or antibiotics are ever administered.